Our Services

The professional team of Registered Migration Agents and support staff at Hi-Care really care about the clients for whom it provides migration assistance. We cannot guarantee success, nor will we work on a no win, no fee basis, but we will only take on a case if we believe there is a reasonable chance of success and you are aware of that chance. Once we take on a case, we will do everything we can to satisfy your instructions. Further, we will only work for a client who negotiates and enters into a written client agreement, setting out exactly the terms and conditions of the relationship. Included in the client agreement will be the cost of our services plus a carefully estimated amount for  the application fees to government, appeal, testing or other authority, plus GST and out of pocket expenses.

Hi-Care may also be engaged to assist in arranging expert advice on Australian law; financial; accounting; taxation; banking, housing; commercial and other property; employment opportunities; business and investments; educational matters such as schools, universities, trades and training schools and colleges; motor vehicle, boats or other forms of transportation; and any other information which is important to you PROVIDED ALWAYS that if Hi-Care receives a commission from any expert to whom you are referred, then you will be advised and given full particulars of any such commission.